“RFL gets new ovarian tissue freezing programme 
A new ovarian tissue freezing programme, designed to help women and girls about to be treated for cancer to preserve their fertility, has been launched at the RFL.
The service, which is the first in the UK to be fully funded by the NHS, will enable specialists in cancer and blood disorders to refer patients to the RFL ahead of their cancer treatments for ovarian tissue freezing and later implantation to restore their fertility and/or prevent early menopause.
The treatment involves the patient undergoing keyhole surgery to remove one ovary which can then be processed in the hospital’s Centre for Cell, Gene & Tissue Therapy laboratory, frozen and stored at -196 degrees centigrade, until the tissue is transplanted back to the patient when she has completed treatment.
Patients who are cured by their chemo/radiotherapy can have the cryopreserved ovary tissue recovered, thawed and surgically placed onto the remaining ovary or into the lining of the abdominal cavity.
What makes the Royal Free London so ideally suited to provide this service is that we have a unique mix of facilities and expertise in tissue freezing and cell therapy. We are also a leading kidney and liver transplant centre and the principle UK centre for cell and tissue medicines.

— ROYAL FREE LONDON 16/01/2019