Haemophilia Centre Twinning Project


Dr Thynn Thynn Yee, a specialist in haemophilia and colleagues from the Katharine Dormandy haemophilia and thrombosis centre (KDHT) at the Royal Free Hospital (RFH) established a four year twinning partnership with Yangon children’s hospital and Yangon general hospital in Myanmar, South East Asia. This partnership aims to help the hospitals in Myanmar build on their capacity through the transfer of skills and knowledge, and encourage the sharing of best practises between the organisations.

A physiotherapist specialising in haemophilia from Yangon children’s Hospital Myanmar, won a World Federation funding  to travel to the UK for six weeks to take part in the twinning program to share and develop her skills within the RFH. 

The physiotherapist said “I was astounded by the quality and proficiency of teaching that was provided  and I was able to develop my skills in treating haemophilia to the high standards I observed in both the RFH and GOSH. I had first-hand experience in seeing the positive impact hydrotherapy had on recovering haemophilia patients and will definitely try to implement these techniques at the local pools with my patients”.

A member of staff from the Royal Free Hospital was given the opportunity to travel to Myanmar for one week under the twinning program and was able to set up educational workshops.  He widened his knowledge and skill from the clinical environment he worked in. “I was moved by the passion and commitment shown by the clinicians in an underfunded and limited equipped hospital. By experiencing the environment first hand I was able to understand the challenges faced on a daily basis by the hospital and the most relevant support and guidance required”

Communication has not been lost and all the clinicians in the programme have kept in contact via Facebook and email to provide ongoing support to each other. The twinning and fellowship program has been a great success and Dr Yee, with the help and support of the RFH, is determined to help improve the care of patients with haemophilia and related blood clotting disorders both domestically and across the globe.