Hospital Consultancy

We have worked with global partners to provide specialist advice and consultancy, including the design, commissioning and development of new hospitals and a range of clinical & non-clinical services.

1)      Hospital management and patient pathway re-design

  • Established clinical practice groups with expert service transformation teams to create and redesign care pathways using evidence based principles and current best practice to improve quality, limit variation in practice and reduce costs.

2)      Hospital design consultancy

  • Experienced project management teams.
  • Multi award winning infection prevention and control team with invaluable input in both hard ware and soft furnishing for hospital and department construction.
  • Specific service requirements and specification for highly infections diseases including Ebola.

3)      Risk management and clinical governance

  • Disaster and Resilience management.
  • Clinical risk management, governance structure and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development.

4)      Quality improvement

  • Comprehensive organisational development plans.
  • Patient safety initiatives and quality improvement projects.
  • Leadership programmes to drive improvement.