Hong Kong - SAR

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Valuable experiences to learn things from different countries to widen our vision, and become a better nurse
— Advanced Practise Nurse , March 2017


We have been working with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority since 2013.

 We have trained department operation managers (DOMs), consultant nurses, ward managers and specialist nurses, seconded by the Hospital Authority in the following areas:

  • Accident & Emergency (A&E), Anaesthetic, Hepato-Pancreatic and Biliary (HPB), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Infection Prevention & Control, Integrated Care, Leadership, Orthopaedic & trauma, Palliative Care, Radiology, Stroke, Urology and Vascular

In addition doctors and fourth year elective medical students have attended the Royal Free London for training in the Care of the Elderly, Accident & Emergency, Hepato-Pancreatic and Biliary, Integrated Care and Palliative Care departments.

As two of our team members have heritage from this region, this has assisted in developing an ongoing  supportive learning environment and helps to make observers  feel very much "at home".

Participants Testimonials

“The hospital culture is good. Nurses are eager to teach. It is a very excellent training site” Nurse Consultant (ICU), November 2014
“This placement is very fruitful. All PARRT & ICU nurses are very passionate and helpful to us. We get many good experience as well as excellent memory with them as to see us as colleagues. It is very happy for me to work with them” Advanced Practice Nurse (ICU), November 2014
 “This training programme can widen the horizon. The development of PARRT nurse is mature. We can have reference to develop outreach service in Hong Kong”Advanced Practice Nurse (ICU) March 2015
“I really have learnt a lot on management knowledge from this Leadership course and I can see the real practical application of cultural change in Royal Free which has inspired new ideas to me for the improvement work in my hospital” Department Operational Manager, November 2015
 “This training can widen our horizon in leadership & management knowledge. It can stimulate us to think & compare with our working area to sort out any insufficient areas for improvement” Nurse Consultant (Stroke), March 2016
“Valuable experiences to learn things from different countries to widen our vision, and become a better nurse” Advanced Nurse (A&E), March 2017
“This course really widens my vision in my nursing career” Advanced Practice Nurse (A&E), March 2017
“I will recommend to my colleagues because it is well plan to visit difference hospitals not only hyper-acute stroke unit, acute stroke unit but also I have a chance for visiting stroke rehab hospital. I can learn a whole picture of stroke patient journey and their care plan” Advanced Nurse (Stroke), November 2016
The training content is comprehensive, courses concerning dementia, communication, pain management are included, and also attachment to hospice” Advanced Nurse (Palliative Care) , March 2018